How to get cats used to being alone

How to get cats used to being alone

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Under certain conditions, cats can get used to being alone quite easily. It is important that the fur noses are able to occupy themselves without their presence and can satisfy their basic needs. With playmates, cats find it easier to be alone - Image: Shutterstock / KPG Payless2

If you have to work all day and still want to keep cats, you need to get them used to being alone. This is best done with two velvet paws, because a single cat will quickly get bored and lonely without a playmate - especially if it cannot go outside independently as a house cat.

Make cats comfortable alone

So that your house tiger doesn't miss you while you are at work, you have to make your apartment cat-friendly. In addition to clean and daily cleaned toilets, this also includes enough water and food as well as exciting opportunities to play and discover. Distribute several water bowls in the apartment and fill with boiled tap water or still mineral water. Do not place the water bowls directly next to the food or the toilet - fur noses do not like that very much.

Do not put too much wet food in the bowl as it can dry out during the day and then cats will no longer like it. Alternatively, a small portion of wet food and an automatic feeder with a timer function, which you fill with dry food, are sufficient. Set up your purring roommates at the window so that they can look out. A large cat tree with lots of climbing opportunities, hiding, looking out and caves is also essential so that your velvet paws are not bored in the storm-free booth.

Get used to the situation step by step

If you have furnished the apartment in an interesting, cozy and clean way for your cats, it is no longer difficult to get used to being alone. Some house tigers don't mind if you leave them alone from one day to the next. But if you prepare them carefully, it will be easier for them.

Leaving cats alone: ​​tips for employment

First things first: If you have to leave your cats alone a lot, you can also give them the most beautiful ...

Especially if the fur noses are still new in your apartment, you should take a vacation. This way you and the animals can get to know each other and the four-legged friends trust you and their surroundings. After a few days you leave the apartment for half an hour, then for an hour and so on. The cats notice that you always come back and no longer bother being alone.


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