Australian cattle dog beagle mix

Australian cattle dog beagle mix

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Australian cattle dog beagle mix

cute little


A gorgeous little girl who is a mix of Australian cattle dog and beagle. She is only 1 year old so her adult size is unknown, but I have a 4 year old female Aussie male, so my guess is she's likely a big girl. Her coat is shaggy and wavy looking and she has black and tan markings throughout her. As you can see from her pictures she has an adorable face.

Her tail is up, which is a pretty important feature to me.

I got her at the breeders sale which was a couple years ago, and her parents are Australian cattle dog x mixed beagle. She has a ton of energy and was one of the cutest little beagles I've ever met.

I just love her and don't have any kids, so I can't adopt her out. I'd just like to find her a home and someone who will love her as much as I do. She loves to be cuddled and loved. If you're interested you can check out my other dogs.

A few things I need to mention:

1. I'm a working class man, but that doesn't mean I don't try to keep up with the latest fads. We live in the country and have a couple acres and I do my best to give her some space when we're outside. I live in a trailer right now so if I'm in town I'm not home a lot and I'll have my puppy sitter watching her for me so she doesn't get lost. But I can watch the videos on my phone or check on her via the GPS location feature on my dog carrier. I know a lot of people think she's a lot of work to keep up with but I assure you she is worth every second. I enjoy spending time with her as much as I do my kids.

2. She has no health issues at all. Her coat is in good condition, she's healthy and loves to go for walks and have fun.

3. She's already housebroken, knows the names of a few commands, and is getting pretty good at fetching the ball.

4. I won't hesitate to consider rehoming her. I want someone to love and care for her and she will have a family who will keep her in the family. She's friendly with kids and the other dogs we have.

5. She's up to date on her shots and vaccines and she'll come with all of the basic puppy package.

She's just a playful little girl who would make the perfect pet for someone who's looking for a pet for the little ones. She's super affectionate and will enjoy a little exercise and companionship.

If you're interested you can text me @ the number listed on my profile or if you're more interested email me at [email protected] I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you're not interested you can tell me that in your text and I will respond as soon as I'm done with my work. Thanks for looking.

I'm going to have to pass on the two pups you offered. I already have 5 cats and 4 dogs and I can't add one more. Sorry I really want to though.

1. I already have one dog.

2. My husband and I are looking for a specific dog. We'd like a dog that is big (we're only in our mid-20s) that can stand alone. There will never be anyone home except us. We prefer a breed that is easy to train and that will make us laugh.

3. No health issues.

4. There's no reason to keep her. I only want to keep her if someone will love her and take care of her.

5. No, it will have to be an adoption, although I can be flexible.

I was thinking about something simple like a small puppy that I could raise. I used to have an egg-shaped dog that was cute but wasn't a good fit for a family of 4. I would like a short-hair breed with a good coat so it will require little grooming. A rescue might be the best place to get one but it would require us to find a rescue and then foster one.

The kind of dog I'd love is a mix like a beagle, but that isn't exactly right. No I'm not looking for a toy. I don't need to see the face of a toy. I don't mind if she's a big dog. That's fine. I love big dogs. I just need something that can be a family dog. A dog I can take with me to work, a dog I can take for walks, a dog I can go to the park with, a dog I can sleep next to when I'm in bed, a dog that I can take to the beach and not feel like it's going to take over my life.

I don't mind if it takes me a little time to find a dog I want to adopt. I don't mind if it takes me a little time to adjust to it. I really like animals and I think I might like the idea of having a dog in my family. It's just that I am at a stage of life that I want to take things one step at a time.

I don't want a dog to have to be trained with any special classes or training. I know what I want. I know I can train it myself. I just need someone who wants to help me teach it and a dog that can keep up with me. I want someone who has a place that would be a good match for the dog and who can help me find a good match for the dog. I don't have the time for a special dog who can't be my own.

No, I don't want to get a dog in hopes that the dog is going to turn out to be

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