Why does my dog jump on me

Why does my dog jump on me

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Why does my dog jump on me so much?

My 5 year old Bichon is almost 2 and a half feet tall. He has always jumped on people but he jumps on me the most. I am very careful to always be on the floor because if I don't my dog will jump on my lap or if I lay on the ground he will jump on me. He is a little stubborn and he does it when he feels like it and if he doesn't have enough energy to jump on someone else. He has never hurt me and I have always been very gentle with him. Does anyone else's dog do this? It's very annoying to say the least. Thanks for your help.

We had the same problem with our dogs jumping on is a large Great Dane and one is a small labrador cross....they were both jumping on us and landing on our head. I just wanted to get them off of us so I would put them down, not even saying a word. I was able to just pick them up and put them down again. I figured out I could keep them on their feet just by doing that.

We were taking our two dogs to a groomer and had just arrived. The groomer was about to walk out of the room when we both noticed the huge dog jump on her leg, just as she was going to leave. She got upset and we all stood there looking at each other. My husband took the huge dog off the dog, held him by the collar and walked him to the back yard and gave him a treat. When he did this, the small dog walked over to my husband and took a little treat from his pocket. We both looked at the small dog and laughed and just had a wonderful time with them. We had been having a bad day and when they finally realized the small dog was not going to jump on them, the two dogs decided to play and we were all able to laugh.

In the mean time the large dog, who was really loving and friendly, had been jumping on the small dog all day and the small dog didn't even like the large dog, so it was time for him to go.

After the small dog left, the groomer asked if he could see my husband's two dogs to give them some TLC for us. They were both so loving and sweet and it made all of us feel so good.

I would also recommend getting a puppy, if possible. They don't jump as much as older dogs. My daughter and her boyfriend have a three year old German shepherd and when he jumps on my daughter he looks up and she does it back. But he has never jumped on me!

I think it's his playfulness. I have a Bichon Frise and she is a very happy little dog who loves to play with my other dog, a beagle, who is a lot bigger than she is. She gets up on his back and rides him around the room. If she's not riding him, she's chasing him around the room and jumping on him. This makes both of them laugh. He's an active dog, so it's not unusual that he jumps a lot. We're not sure whether he's doing it because he thinks it's fun, or because it makes him feel like he's on a horse.

When she is riding him, she's very gentle, never bites him or pulls on him in any way, and only tries to take him down if he tries to move. So far, she's always done that gently and he's always landed without any trouble, although I have to be on the floor.

My Bichon, who was a bit of a jumper himself (at least with me) was very gentle with the bigger dog and they would both laugh when he landed on him. I think the difference was that my Bichon didn't realize he could do it because he's so little himself, and I think my husband was pretty sure that the big dog could take it.

Our last dog was a beagle-mix. It was just about the only way for our two big dogs to be around each other when we had them together. But even though our current dogs are not Bichons, they have both been Bichons in the past and would be very gentle with our last dog. My first dog's name was Bichon and he was a jumper, too, but our second one was a beagle-mix and she's not a jumper, either, even though she's very active.

Our current dogs don't jump around the house like the previous dog did, so I'm not sure what to do. But I've learned that when I don't want them to jump on me, I get down on the floor on my hands and knees and they have to land on top of me. When they're jumping up on me, I just say, "No!" or "Aww!" or something like that, and they'll get the picture and jump on me a little less often.

I agree with the others. If it's your intention to train the dog to stay off you, this isn't the way. Jumping on people is cute, playful, and just plain fun. I'd say go about the whole situation in a different way. When the dog jumps on you, don't say anything. Just go on as if you don't care and the dog just wants to be near you. Don't put the dog down, just pick the dog up and pet him and tell him to do it another day. Eventually the dog will learn that when he jumps on you he'll get his way and will be on top of you, not on the floor or down.

If your dog loves to jump on people, he loves it too much to learn anything. Jumping is an instinctual behavior, something dogs are born with. It's instinct to jump. If the dog is going to learn how to jump on you, he has to be willing to practice and work with you. But if you're so terrified of the dog jumping on you, he has no reason to do so. He jumps on people to get a little bit of attention and to get the people to pay


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