Angular cat eye sunglasses

Angular cat eye sunglasses

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Angular cat eye sunglasses

I was driving to a photoshoot the other day and I noticed that my sunglasses kept slipping down my nose (I’m a big nose kid). No, I’m not drunk. And no, my nose is not huge. It’s actually rather normal sized, in fact! So when I reached for my sunglasses on my face, I just happened to notice that the left lens was crooked. The lens itself was just plain, like a glass eye, but it looked like it was broken (and it didn’t move when I was wearing it). It wasn’t until I was driving that I realised that my sunglasses were acting like a normal human eye and I could see out of it.

When I read about cat eye sunglasses, I assumed that they were cat eyes or goggles. I had never heard of a real human eye, and I thought they must have been cat eyes or goggles (I guess the real eye would probably be the real deal but it just didn’t ring true to me). I actually couldn’t find any info on real human eye sunglasses on Google, so I just assumed they were imaginary.

I have since discovered that all cat eye sunglasses are actually real human eyes that are put on the front of a pair of normal sunglasses. The lenses on the back of the lenses are made of two pieces of plastic and the two pieces are glued together.

Why would anyone do this? If you ask the sunglasses makers, they’ll tell you that it helps the lenses to give a more curved, cat-eye shaped shape and it also acts as a tinting agent. You can get sunglasses with cat eye lenses (that are actually eye lenses) all over the world.

And if you don’t believe me about the real cat eye lenses, I’ve been given permission to show you two pairs (here’s a link to a photo of them) from a pair of cat eye glasses that I wore for ten years. I still own the pair of glasses in the photo and they’ve been stored in the back of my bedroom closet (one of the reasons I haven’t worn them in awhile).

If you go to and search for “cat eye glasses,” you will find a ton of pairs of cat eye glasses. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the sunglasses company of my dreams is called “Cat Eye Sunglasses.”

What I was reading in The Guardian this morning about the new “Nike-Air” line of shoes for women (here’s a link to the article) had me thinking about the evolution of athletic shoes and what women used to wear before the invention of the Nike. That article described the history of Nike’s footwear and I thought it would be interesting to share it with you:

The company was founded in 1964 and since then it has developed a lot of innovative athletic footwear which also serves for a few stylish items. As for men Nike also provides special running shoes, for instance the Air Force One.

When Nike started in 1964 the company sold running shoes to only a few athletes, including Alberto Juantorena, the two-time gold medalist at the 1960 Olympics in Rome.

“After seeing Juantorena’s success with Nike’s running shoes, I remember we tried to get him on board as a brand ambassador,” said Nike’s senior vice-president of basketball operations and international business, Joe Shoen. “He said he would never endorse a company that had a man as a mascot.

“He said he thought Nike was making too many products and it wouldn’t work. He said he didn’t want to be associated with running shoes, but eventually he relented.”

And that’s what really got me thinking. If Juantorena wouldn’t endorse a running shoe brand with a man as a mascot, what would the women of the 1960s have worn? I imagine a lot of women (many of them also models) in the 1960s looked quite different from the women we see in photographs today.

As far as running shoes go, these are just two of the models Nike has offered over the years. Here’s a vintage ad for “K-Swift” (left) and “K-Swift II” (right).

And finally here are two vintage ads for “Nike Air.”

How about you? What kind of athletic shoe did you used to wear? What about running shoes? What was your favorite color?


I remember the K-Swift II from the 1960s! I used to love to jog, tennis, and play touch football with my friends. I liked it and played in it. I didn't really start running until I was about 30 though.

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