Too fat cat? How to recognize overweight

Too fat cat? How to recognize overweight

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Obesity is very unhealthy for cats. However, as a worried cat owner, to find out whether you have a cat that is too fat at home, the scales are not always the most reliable means. A sense of proportion and feeling are much better - find out what to look for here. Thick fur or big cat? - Image: Shutterstock / Nailia Schwarz

A healthy, normal-weight cat is fit and agile. She likes to move and has no visible restrictions on jumping, running and playing. Her ribs cannot be seen, but can be felt and only covered with a thin and healthy layer of fat. If a view from above of the cat shows that the house tiger has a light waist, the owner need not worry: his pet has normal weight.

Too fat cat: How to recognize slight overweight

An overweight cat has a slightly rounded belly that can be seen from the side and from above, which can easily slip when walking. If the figure of the cozy house lion is hidden under thick, fuzzy fur and is barely recognizable, certainty usually arises when you stroke it: A cat with excess weight has put on a layer of fat under which you can no longer feel the ribs.

The waist can only be recognized from above with a lot of good will and the condition of the house tiger is no longer what it used to be.

Concerning overweight in the cat

In an obese cat, the belly is clearly rounded and flickers back and forth when walking. Fat can also have accumulated on the legs, flanks and face. The fact that the cat once had a waist can only be guessed at from above, just like the ribs, which can hardly be felt under the thick layer of fat.

If you have an overweight cat, diet and lots of exercise to fight obesity are the order of the day. A veterinarian will help you put together the healthiest weight loss program for your loved one.

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