My cat died what do i do with the body

My cat died what do i do with the body

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My cat died what do i do with the body?

ok so my cat died last week from kidney flure and im going to cremate her and i need advice because i don't know what to do with the body after shes cremated? I will be burring her and want to place the urn in the garden but do i need to add some sort of thing or like woodchip for the soil? i dont know what i'm talking about lol so if you have some advice please message me thanks guys!

You will have to dig a hole deep enough to cover your cat but not as deep as her casket. Put your cat in the hole and close it up as you would a casket. After her burial, fill the hole with dirt.

You will need to buy a cat casket with a plastic liner.

It's not very hard to do but takes a bit of planning and it's going to be costly.

I just had the cat cremated. This was a tough decision for me, since I'm a cat person. My cat was my best friend and I would have really liked to have kept him with me.

But, he did have multiple medical issues and it just wasn't worth taking a chance of him getting any worse.

He has been in that crematory for about 5 years now, so you know it's a good one.

As far as the soil goes, I'm not sure about the specifics in your area. But, all the local cat cemeteries I've been to are dug and filled with dirt. The funeral home did it for me, so that was easy. They were nice enough to cut a hole for the cat casket and pour dirt around it.

Good luck and have a blessed day!


"My dear...we can only hope to become more like our Maker as we approach Him.

The more we see of His beauty, the more our own will reflect it."

I'm glad your cat got a good send-off, Carlee. My mother died a couple of years ago. She was a bit difficult, and I wanted to get her cremated, but she sd I couldn't, that I had to do what she wanted. So, she was cremated. My friend found a small cemetery (owned by the city) with a nice little hill in it. They have a lot of trees and it looked like it would be great for her. Unfortunately, we couldn't get it at the last minute, because I was in Texas for a family funeral. The town she was buried in gave us the address of their cemetery (since the city cemetery was closed). So, we were able to have her cremated. I put her ashes in a silver box and placed it in the niche that was there.

I hope it was as nice a send-off as your cat's.


"My dear...we can only hope to become more like our Maker as we approach Him.

The more we see of His beauty, the more our own will reflect it."

Thanks, all! I'm doing pretty well right now. I'm sad but I can't seem to get much worked up over it. This was to be our final journey together. I miss her already.


"My dear...we can only hope to become more like our Maker as we approach Him.

The more we see of His beauty, the more our own will reflect it."

"My dear...we can only hope to become more like our Maker as we approach Him.

The more we see of His beauty, the more our own will reflect it."

I know what you mean about a cat not making it. The day my husband's beloved mother died we buried her next to my DH's father, one of his sisters and her husband, my DH and my parents. So as time goes by, I feel as if I'm being haunted. Just being in the same cemetery as them does me in. We put our dad in at the end of December, so he's probably safe for now. We still have his two mother-in-laws and four brothers and sisters to bury. It takes a village to bury a loved one, and it's going to be a small village, because he had only five siblings. I'm so glad we have one another to help us. I had one cat who was like that. He would start playing around and he would be fine the next morning. I would say "good boy" and he would turn away and hide and I'd find him dead later. He was a house cat, and he'd be ok in the house, but if I'd let him out, he'd start chasing something and he would die. He was only about six years old.


"My dear I have not much to offer you, but the friendship that I have promised. I have more than one life, we all have more than one life, and in such a life there are so many things a man might do. A man might make an idol out of his own life, and then he would be sorry. A man might try to grasp all of his life in one hand, and with the other hand he would seek to pluck out one thing after another. So here I am, standing in the doorway and offering you my hand. If you will take it, then perhaps the door will open." ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Vol. I, Chapter 2, The Shadow of the Past

He is having no problems now as far as I can tell. I feed him on a regular schedule (about a third of the time I feed him) and he eats just fine.

He's the only cat I have so far, and it's very hard for me to know what he's feeling, I can't ask. It's kind of like he's looking me in the eye, but he's looking at someone else.

I don't think the vet was sure what it was or if it was contagious to other cats (so she gave me a shot). But I don't have any symptoms so I don't think it was anything contagious and we'll have to wt and see.

When he did this last time (last month) it was almost worse. He came up to the couch in the living room with me and he was rubbing his head on my leg, but he was still his usual self. He seemed a little scared, but didn't bite or scratch. He just looked at me and rubbed his head on my leg.

It wasn't until that day that I noticed any kind of change. It was the same exact day that happened with him sitting on the couch. It just seemed worse the second time.

Any kind of strange or mysterious behavior that comes out of nowhere is a bit scary for me to deal with. So I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the behavior is nothing serious, and if it is serious I'll deal with it right away.

Do you have a second set of ears? I've been having a hard time figuring out what that sound is that I can hear from time to time. It seems to be kind of like the chirp or twitter of a bird (it's kind of close, but not quite) and kind of like the sound of a baby crying in a soft voice. Do you know what it is?

And, it's also kind of


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