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Cat hospital of tucson, in the last few months, there have been over 500 patients who tested positive for the virus and had treatment at this clinic. Many times, these patients had no symptoms whatsoever. A total of 11 people in the Arizona have died. It has been over a month since the first positive cases were identified, and all these people that tested positive were being treated by Doctor Dickey. It appears that many of these people were actually sent to his practice by hospitals in states where they were not tested for the virus.

I would say that in addition to taking blood samples from all patients, all patients should be tested for the virus. It has been proven that there is no need to test everyone for Ebola.

We are told by the media that we are dealing with a crisis. In fact, the word has been used over and over agn. However, it is the media that is creating the crisis. They have decided that there is something scary about Ebola, and they want you to know about it. People are panicking, and they are taking action.

I have spoken with doctors at a number of hospitals. I know that many hospitals are canceling their visits because of Ebola. This is a problem because many people in their 50s and 60s are going to these hospital for visits.

This is a crisis for all of us, whether you work for a hospital or not. Hospitals are taking action and they are sending people home.

It is a good thing to see people taking steps to protect themselves.

However, it is a bad thing that we are dealing with an epidemic that is not the real problem.

There is a shortage of equipment that is needed to treat these people. I heard this from a doctor yesterday who worked at the Hospital for Special care in New York. He sd there was an explosion of people testing positive for Ebola at their hospital. He sd that there is a shortage of equipment, and this is only one of many hospitals that have a similar problem.

This is the real issue, not Ebola.

There is no cause for panic. It is time to get to work. We should be doing more to prevent Ebola from spreading to other countries, and we should be looking into why this virus has emerged.

This crisis will not last very long, but it is important that we get it under control.

Many people were calling the Republican National Convention a circus. It was not a circus, it was a political event.

The Republican Party chose to have a nominating convention instead of holding primaries. The convention started on Thursday, September 3, and it lasted three days. The first day was dedicated to speeches. There were a lot of speeches. Some were really good, others were stupid and mean spirited.

People who make fun of the speeches that were given were trying to be funny. But their jokes just made people angry. These jokes included jokes about the Pope, the President, and celebrities. These jokes were mean spirited, and they were inappropriate. It would be difficult to expln to a seven-year-old how they are inappropriate. If you say it to a group of ten-year-olds, you might get in trouble.

There were a lot of speeches given at the convention. There was a lot of talk about the economy, jobs, government, health care, and taxes. One speech was about an individual named Joni Ernst, who is going to run for the U.S. Senate in Iowa. Many people are talking about the speech she made. They are talking about her being funny, but the jokes that were made were really mean spirited.

When she was trying to make the jokes, she sd something about “Mitt Romney” being a woman. People are angry because they think she was trying to make fun of Mitt Romney. This is not true. She was not trying to make fun of Mitt Romney. She sd something like this:

I want to stand here as a Republican woman, but the one thing I will not stand for is when a fellow man denigrates a woman and mocks her physical appearance. No woman should be made to feel insecure. You know why? Because I believe in equal opportunity for women, and I am proud to be a woman. Now if you want to talk about equal pay for women, I'm happy to have that debate with you.

When she was telling jokes, she was really telling them to people in general, not just to women. And when she sd “I'm proud to be a woman,” she was telling the whole audience, not just women. But people think she was trying to make fun of Mitt Romney.

You would think that an individual who is running for public office would not have to worry about whether or not she is making fun of someone. But if you ask a group of people whether she was or was not, they would answer, “Of course she was making fun of Mitt Romney.”

How did all this get started? People say that it was started by Rush Limbaugh. Some people say that it was started by Ann Coulter. Some people say that it was started by the liberals. Some people say that it was started by Bill O'Reilly. Who started this whole thing? How does a group of 20 people get a hold of this information about what someone was thinking?

Do we live in a society where everyone can read our minds? We were supposed to have a revolution in which we gave up our power over one another, where we would no longer be able to control one another. This idea is supposed to give us the freedom of doing as we please without anyone controlling us.

Instead, we are under control. This is not a new thing. All humans are under control. We are still living in society in the ancient Roman and Greek times when slavery was accepted. Slaves were considered to be a part of society and they had a say in how things should be run. It was believed that one could actually make slaves better slaves.

Today, we are still living in an ancient Roman and Greek society, although we have replaced slaves with the media. The media is like the Roman slave that made the slaves “better” in their servitude.

For instance, the media tells us to support Obama because he is the lesser of two evils. The media tells us that we are all equal. The media tells us that we all have the right to do what we please. But in reality, the media is controlled by the elite who have their agenda. They do not like the people so they use the media to control us.

It is now common for the media to call people who disagree with the party line, like for instance, Republican conservatives, people who support free market economics, the Tea Party, people who support the U.S. Constitution, etc., “fringe extremists.”

If these “fringe extremists” are not fringe then who is running our country?

Now, what about the political rhetoric going on? Do you see a difference between what the Democrats say and what the Republicans say? Of course, it is all based on fear and nothing is different. It is all just hype and lies. There is nothing new under the sun.

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