Cat mother and the all night newsboys

Cat mother and the all night newsboys

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Cat mother and the all night newsboys

It’s like every other Saturday night, my partner and I come home to find all our kids lying on the living room floor, sprawled out and watching something. At this particular night it was our daughter being carried and giggling about her life, while our sons snored peacefully at her feet. My partner and I turned to each other and sd, “I guess I’m not the only one who’s exhausted,” and laughed.

On a normal Saturday we’d say to the kids “good night” and “have a good weekend,” then maybe say a prayer or two before climbing the strs. But a night like this, this was different. We were tired of those routines. We were tired of having conversations like that one, on normal nights.

We don’t tell the kids how tired we are. We just ask them if they’re hungry. And we eat first.

“You go back to bed. I’m just going to sit down and read this magazine and think for awhile.”

And we do.

We watch TV and make light conversation, and eventually they fall asleep. And in the morning I make coffee and we talk about everything, even normal things. We talk about the weather, or about the kids, or about our day, or about life in general. We don’t talk about who won the soccer game, or if our stocks are going up or down.

Because we’re exhausted. We’re not trying to be the first to talk or even the loudest to talk. We’re just there to listen and see if anyone else is willing to share their thoughts. We’re just glad for a break.

For me it’s as simple as walking over to the side of the couch, pulling the blanket out from the back, rolling up in it, turning on the TV and getting a magazine. Because we’re tired.

And I know it doesn’t feel that way. I know you look forward to when your kids come home and you can all talk, and laugh, and celebrate, and do everything together. But for some of us, what we really want is for our kids to go to bed when we want them to go to bed, and for us to just eat when we need to eat and talk when we need to talk.

In my family, that’s a pretty significant request.

So please know that we appreciate all of you. We know you’re trying, and trying hard. And we also appreciate all of your sacrifices.

We’re all tired. And if you give us a minute, we’ll go sit down and read a magazine. Or watch TV. Or maybe listen to some music. And then we’ll come out and have a chat with you.

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10 Responses

So very true, thank you. We love our children to no end, but we love ourselves more. Some people have forgotten how to be themselves. We’re trying to remind them. We don’t mind staying home with our babies and toddlers, but it can be rough and grueling sometimes. It can take all day to do the laundry, let alone the dishes or other responsibilities. I love you guys for sharing your honest feelings. The girls and I talk a lot about being parents, too. We love and appreciate you guys so much, so please don’t be afrd to reach out, as we do reach out and help whenever we can.

Oh, we love you and we appreciate all you do. It is hard, but we know we are fortunate to have such an incredible support system. I know for myself, I can get frustrated because I want to be so much more productive, but just knowing that I am needed to pick up the pieces for my kids is a huge motivation for me to put in the effort. Love you, Mama.

I’m so glad you guys have each other. My husband and I don’t have that. I’m thankful for friends who can help when needed. But it’s not that we don’t like spending time together–we do. It’s just that it’s hard being the sole care provider. I think there are just days where I would just appreciate having some one else to take over a few of the house duties so that I could have some space to decompress. Or maybe I just need a massage. Or a long shower.

My son, who is four, has been very demanding lately. I’ve had to do more than I can handle and it’s been too much. We talk about it, and I know my husband will be there for me, but at the same time, I don’t want to just rely on him. The last time I was really overwhelmed with my son’s behavior was the day he almost died.

It’s like you sd – you know you can count on your husband, but as for friends/ family you don’t have a lot of choices other than to say “I’m just not feeling well and I’d rather be alone.” It’s hard to hear, but I think it’s part of life.

In answer to my husband and son: “What have I done to deserve this?”

I have to think there is something good in all of this for me!

You are not alone…you’re human and you can’t change that.

You guys, you must have a

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