Are shock collars bad for dogs

Are shock collars bad for dogs

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Are shock collars bad for dogs?

Is it safe to use shock collars for dogs? Is it good for dogs to wear them? My mother-in-law bought a collar for our dog because she was told it was a good idea. A guy told her that it keeps your dog from going out in the street and gets run over. He also said that if it gets tangled around a shrub, he will do nothing to it. Is this true? Is it safe? What about the shock value of these collars? Are they dangerous? We don't want our dog to get hurt.

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We've all heard horror stories of dogs getting electrocuted by their collars or getting hurt from high voltage. Is this true?

My question is simple. Are shock collars bad for dogs? Is it safe to use them? Are they good for dogs? How are they used? Are they legal?

My family already has a dog. We're worried that a dog might fall or jump over something and end up with internal injuries. We're also concerned about our dog not being a good pet because she's had her tail cut off in the past. She's never been in a fight. She hasn't been hit in the head. She's never been attacked by another dog. We're scared that she might get hurt by something and we won't know. She won't let anyone near her without having a collar on. She goes to school and goes out on walks. We'll need to be able to walk her safely.

We think it would be a good idea for her to wear one to keep her safe. It's really not that expensive for a collar. We can afford it.

She needs to have the best protection available and I think that we need to wear one.

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My wife got a shock collar for our dog a few days ago, but I haven't looked into what they are or their safety. Our dog is very well-behaved. I'm a bit confused, but not too worried. Is it safe for her?

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