My neighbor is harassing me about my dog

My neighbor is harassing me about my dog

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My neighbor is harassing me about my dog, saying I need to train my dog and get it to stay on a leash at all times so I can feel safe. I am already walking my dog on a leash in the community. My dog is a 6 year old female and weighs 50 lbs. I have a very strong and well trained German Shepard Dog that is trained in obedience and tracking and is very obedient in any situation. I will not train my dog to do any of the following, and that includes walking on a leash with any other dog or person:

Stay on a leash or walk in a restricted area.

Sit on a leash.

Touch a leash or collar.

Lie down on a leash.

Pull or pull on a leash.

Be trained for any of the following commands: sit, stay, heel, come when called, speak.

Never leave your dog alone and always keep it on your property, even if you are not home.

Never touch my dog.

I would love to go in and explain the facts but she does not want to hear it and says I need to have her dog "stayed on a leash". She is so condescending. I am getting so upset that she even has the audacity to tell me what I have to do with my own dog. I am hoping that someone can give me some advise as to how I should handle this situation? I feel so attacked and she just continues to tell me that I have to train my dog and I am not willing to do it.

I feel I am going to have a mental breakdown when I go over to her house and tell her I will not be training my dog to do any of those things and I don't want her to continue talking to me like that. She has told me that she will not be in my house if I do not train my dog, that is not allowed in her house or anywhere on her property.

I know I have to find a way to deal with it but I just feel that she is so rude and disrespectful and the fact that she keeps coming over here and harassing me is very upsetting. I have been told by many people that it is better to not let this woman stay over in my house, because she could take my dog and leave. I am so angry.

Do you think it is safe to call the police? Will they believe me? I don't know how I should handle this.

She has been bothering me for awhile now. She even has a sign out in her yard telling people to keep her dog on a leash. I can not go anywhere without her dog following me, so I know that it is her dog that is causing all of this. I think it would be best to put my own house in order first, and if it is okay I can go in and talk to her about my dogs and how she is harassing me.

I would tell her that you are sick and tired of her coming on your property and harassing your animals. I would also tell her that you are concerned for your dog's health, because she seems very overworked and stressed and she needs to either feed or exercise the dog.

You are not obligated to train or do anything. This woman needs to stop harassing you and stop trying to get you to do something. It is none of your business if she wants to walk her dog in public, you can say, "I do not want that and you will not come into my property again".

You can get a hold of a dog whistle or make your own dog whistle to let the dog know that she needs to stay on her side of the property line and that you are calling the police. You can also talk to your neighbor's son. It's your property and the law gives you the right to control your own property. I would also call Animal Control to report that the dog is being harmed and needs a home. The dog cannot stay there unless it is in a situation that is not threatening to the neighbors or it's health.

I have called the police on her in the past because she would drive her dog onto my property to sniff my dog. I have not had a police report filed and have not heard anything about it. I am a responsible dog owner and I take care of my dogs.

You have the right to control your property. It is against the law to enter someone's property with intent to harass or intimidate a person. If someone enters your property without your permission or authority they can be arrested for trespassing. Also, if your dog is off your property or even on someone else's property you can be arrested for animal cruelty.

That's all I can think of. You may be able to get the dog into an obedience training class to teach it how to stay on a leash, but that is up to you. There are also classes for dogs to learn basic obedience and tracking, there's a good book called, The Everything Dog Book. If you have problems with dogs that come onto your property or any problems with other people's dogs, or your own dog getting hurt or becoming stressed from the situation, you may want to check out local dog obedience schools or find a private instructor that is willing to teach your dog what you need.

I would do what you have done, call the cops if she continues to come over to your house and start harassing you and your dog. Also, put in a police report on that person's house (even though it sounds like it's been done). It might sound stupid, but if you do get that person in trouble it would help with any future problems.

If she is harassing your animals, then you have every right to stop her. I would put up a sign on your property that says "We do not allow dogs to enter our property" and keep your own dogs on your property at all times. If she wants to walk her dog you would need to walk yours on leash. If she continues to come into your property, then she is harassing you and there is not anything you have to do to change that. You can also keep your dog off your property and let it go to where you want it to. There is not any way you can control someone else's



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