Gray and white cat breeds

Gray and white cat breeds

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Gray and white cat breeds were assessed by measuring the activity of P450 2D6 during the first 5 ,h after oral administration of tolbutamide (75 ,mg/kg). At a second test, the dogs were anaesthetised and their P450 2D6 activity measured. The time course of blood concentration of tolbutamide following an oral dose of 75 ,mg/kg was monitored and compared to the time course observed in 2D6 human and dog *in vitro* assays.

Data analysis {#Sec5}


The study design was two-factorial, with two randomised levels of oral dose (placebo vs. tolbutamide) and two genetic backgrounds (dogs vs. grey and white cats). The time course of blood concentration of tolbutamide after oral administration was determined by fitting to a two-compartment model with first order absorption and first order elimination. The blood concentration of tolbutamide was expressed in terms of area under the blood concentration curve (AUC). The dog and cat profiles were compared using a statistical model in which random effects were taken into account. A generalised mixed effects model was used to analyse the data including "subject" as a random effect, and treatment group and "breed" as fixed effects. A similar generalised mixed effects model was used to compare the activity of P450 2D6 between cats and dogs. When the model showed a significant effect for the fixed factor of "breed", the factor "treat" was removed from the final model. *F*-tests were used to compare fixed effects. A significance level of *p* <, 0.05 was used for all tests. The statistical analysis was performed using the statistical language R, version 2.15.3 [[@CR24]].

Results {#Sec6}


Plasma tolbutamide levels in the dog and cat study {#Sec7}


The results are summarised in Table ,[1](#Tab1){ref-type="table"}. The elimination phase in the blood of dogs and cats lasted between 6 and 24 ,h, after which the plasma concentration of tolbutamide was undetectable. After oral administration of a therapeutic dose of tolbutamide to dogs and cats, the mean value of the area under the curve (AUC) of the blood level was between 30 and 41 ,h^1^ mg/L for both species. The plasma levels of tolbutamide were similar in dogs and cats, with concentrations ranging from 5--10 ,μg/mL during the first 6 ,h after dosing, but then they reached a maximum concentration (Cmax) of 10--15 ,μg/mL in the cat and 7--10 ,μg/mL in the dog (Table ,[1](#Tab1){ref-type="table"}). During the first 24 ,h, the tolbutamide concentration in the blood plasma in dogs remained close to the Cmax of 10 ,μg/mL and only declined after 48 ,h. In cats, the maximum concentration was lower (7--9 ,μg/mL), and the decline was more rapid (after 24 ,h, the concentration had decreased to 1--3 ,μg/mL).Table ,1Plasma concentrations of tolbutamide after administration of different oral doses to dogs and catsSpeciesDose (mg/kg)Tolbutamide concentration (μg/mL)Tolbutamide elimination phase (h)Tolbutamide peak concentration (μg/mL)Canine1510 ± 1.2n.d.41 ± 8.6--60.8 ± 3.5Cat40020 ± 1.1n.d.38 ± 7.1--60.4 ± 2.2

The calculated AUC values for the total population were in good agreement with the nominal dose in both species, although there was some overlap between the values of AUC~0-48~ for dogs and cats (Table ,[2](#Tab2){ref-type="table"}).Table ,2Area under the concentration-time curve (AUC) calculated for all studies using WinNonlinPharmacokinetic analysisDose (mg/kg)DogAUC~0-48~ (μg ,h/L)CatsAUC~0-48~ (μg ,h/L)DogsAUC~0-48~ (μg ,h/L)0.25n.d.n.d.n.d.0.524 ± 3.2343 ± 13.30.25 + 2.5 ,μg/mLn.d.0.539 ± 2.6023 ± 11.90.517 ± 4.40.25 + 5.0 ,μg/mLn.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.0.519 ± 6.1445 ± 18.60.517 ± 5.90.25 + 10.0 ,μg/mLn.d.0.505 ± 6.0447 ± 15.60.489 ± 3.20.25 + 15.0 ,μg/mLn.d.n.d.0.481 ± 3.7553 ± 12.80.479 ± 4.30.25 + 20.0 ,μg/mLn.d.0.463 ± 3.8353 ± 8.70.476 ± 3.6C~max~ (μg/mL)0.534 ± 1.2051.9 ± 4.10.543 ± 1.30.543 ± 1.3512.0 ± 7.80.529 ± 1.60.520 ± 0.90.526 ± 0.90.518 ± 0.7512.4 ± 7.50.525 ± 1.40.503 ± 1.30.510 ± 0.8 ,n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.17.0 ± 15.80.517 ± 1.5C~min~ (μg/mL)0.039 ± 0.060.076 ± 0.040.04 ± 0.080.053 ± 0.050.11 ± 0.110.041 ± 0.080.040 ± 0.010.046 ± 0.010.048 ± 0.050.12 ± 0.130.041 ± 0.040.037 ± 0.010.04 ±

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