Will cats jump off a balcony

Will cats jump off a balcony

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Will cats jump off a balcony, when dropped from a height of 9 feet, and land on their feet?

Will cats jump off a balcony, when dropped from a height of 9 feet, and land on their feet?

I live in Australia. I have 4 cats, they can all jump, even when they are carrying something (their food). As far as I know, they do not have a very strong base of knowledge about cats. The cats can even jump down 3 stories, from their cat house. What is this cats base of knowledge about cats. Is it a fact, or not a fact.

Re: Cats jump off a balcony, when dropped from a height of 9 feet, and land on their feet.

It is not a fact, and it is not true. Any cat worth her salt would not jump down 3 stories, and any cat not worth her salt would have been eaten by her owners already.

Re: Cats jump off a balcony, when dropped from a height of 9 feet, and land on their feet.

Cats have very strong base of knowledge. You can trn any cat to do anything you can dream of.

The reason cats jump is because they are cats, their brns have a large number of cats.

They have a brn designed to find food, and then get away with it.

Cats are incredibly intelligent and trnable, they are also playful and love to play. They also have no interest in or desire to eat anything but meat. I have not seen a cat eat a plant since I was a child and have only ever seen one cat eat bones, and it was an elderly cat. They don't like vegetables, fruits or meat.

Their brns are very large, this allows for a number of skills. I used to know a cat that was an expert at opening gates, because she was clever enough to open the gate but not put the key in the lock so that she could not get back out. Clever, I say. The dog next door was so envious of the cat's expertise that he kept trying to open the gate by putting his paw through the gap between the keyhole and the frame.

Cats are very strong. They can be taught to walk a leash or a harness, the cat may have difficulty learning. But it is an intelligent creature, and is able to learn things.

I have always had a cat, the first cat I ever had. She was given to me as a kitten, one of many kittens I rescued in the 1960's from a feral cat colony. She lived until she was 16. I then adopted another, who lived about 6 years. It was a male, called Fred, after the original first cat. He used to be able to jump onto a chr. He was so strong, he would stand on the backs of the chrs and jump.

He was also a good jumper, but he was not clever. I had another cat, a tiny thing, no more than a kitten, it was called Gromit, after the mn character in a British comic strip, it's a character that is always getting up to mischief, and doing things that are silly. Gromit would always be looking out for Gromit's interests. It was a female and she was very clever, she could go through closed doors.

After Gromit had kittens, we moved house, and they lived with us for about a year. They grew up very fast. Then the first cat died of a stroke. I cried, I really did, I can remember that well, that I did not even call an ambulance, for fear of a charge.

When Fred had kittens, he was still able to jump onto a chr, and he still could jump up onto tables. He still got up to mischief, he did not like people, so he had a habit of sneaking up behind them, and nipping them. They used to come home, and the first thing he would say is, "Where is Fred?"

But one day we came home and he sd, "Fred has died." He was just like the first cat, he had always enjoyed looking out for his interests.

What he did not know was that I was taking some medication, which was for the first cat, it was to make her more tolerant of me. Because the first cat was so strong, when we went to move to our new house she climbed up the side of the cat-flap, and went through the cat-flap, she was frightened to death of it, but she did not realize she was dying. I was taking the medication for her, and was in no mood to be taken to an emergency vet, or for a nurse to take her blood.

I did not want to tell Fred about her. I didn't think he would understand, and he would have been hurt and unhappy. I didn't know how to expln about the cat, so I just sd that Fred was going to move, but that he was still living in our old house, I sd it in a very nice way, but Fred could see I was worried and unhappy.

It was at this time that Fred did his last great thing. He was old now, very weak, but Fred was still full of the old mischief.

He was getting up on the kitchen table, and he had a catflap to go through, but the cat was frightened, and was trying to find a way to get away from him.

He decided he would jump on the catflap, and pull her off the table. I knew he was going to do it, I felt there was no way of stopping him, and so I just told the cat to get down from the table, so that I could watch it.

Fred jumped up on the catflap, just as the cat was about to jump down to safety. And he put his claws in the catflap and pushed, and pushed, and the cat fell through the catflap and he fell off and landed in a corner, and lay there, very still.

It was like I had pulled off a huge weight from him, and he got up, and sd he would have a look. I knew he was going to say he was sick and I should get his pills, and go home, and I tried to stop him.

"No, go look at the cat," I sd, "you will feel better when you know it is not there."

He sd I was a silly woman, to keep on fussing over a cat, and I stood and watched him as he went into the cupboard and got the pills, and put them in a bottle.

And as he stood there, I knew it was as if he were seeing his mother for the first time. And it made my heart go, when I saw it.

And I saw he was staring at her as he stood there, and I knew she looked so much like him.

When he came back, he sat down at the table, and I sd,

"Well Fred, I'll have to think of another way."

He sd,

"But can't we just leave it for the police?"

"I'm not sure," I sd, "If we do they will know that we were up there, so I don't think they will think anything."

I knew that if we told, they would come up and look round the house, and probably would not be able to find anything.

And I knew that if we just left it alone, he would be very upset that we had hidden something.

But if we sd nothing, it would just look like

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