Oh you dog meme

Oh you dog meme

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Oh you dog meme is old but theres a new breed of dog in town and this time its the doge meme, the guy at the bottom right is a cute little dog, but to be perfectly honest hes a little creepy.

We all know whats going to happen, theres no way hes going to get the girl.

I like dogs but I was going to get the girl in that picture. I think he should get the girl in the same position because this girl has a lot of potential. The only problem is its obvious shes way out of his league

Well I’m pretty sure no girl would go for a guy that looks like that. He looks like a big pervert, it would make the girl think “Wow I must be some hot chick to make this guy stare at me”. And by the way, its just creepy to stare at someone like that. Who wants to be looked at that hard.

Well if I want to be stared at I will go to the beach. I’ve always found it funny when someone stares at me and I smile back. I have this annoying habit of smiling back if someone is just giving me a friendly smile and then I walk away. I don’t think anyone would want to be given a stare, it’s creepy and creepy is uncomfortable, especially when you feel like its being done intentionally.

That is one of the most creepy memes I’ve seen. But do not let it stop you from giving your doge. You can still win the girl

No he does not know any better. He has been programmed by society to believe that staring is the number one way to communicate with a woman, and I mean all women. The problem with this is that most people aren’t programmed for eye contact. You are either looking at a guy when you know the guy isn’t looking at you. Or the guy is looking at you when you know the guy isn’t looking at you. This is the most annoying when guys do it. They are either trying to look like they don’t have a clue that you’re staring. Or they really don’t care if they’re staring. They think it’s fun. Well it’s not!

Don’t give him a glare either, unless you want to be the girl he looks at in the morning and wonders what the hell is up with that face. I’ve worked up the courage to look into a dude’s eyes and ask what the hell was that look. Most dudes seem to hate that. It’s so much easier to go from your best friends to girlfriend to wife by focusing on the eyes. And if you’re talking to a girl then you don’t want to think about the eyes, unless they are pretty, or she’s telling you about something. Then go back to her eyes. But I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t stare at anyone. That they know when you’re staring. You have to try to mntn eye contact and make it not look like you are ogling them. And the way to do this is to make sure your smile doesn’t say anything at all, or let your eyes look a little nervous. This makes your eyes look more honest. When you do have something to say, it’s best to focus on her eyes first, and if you need to go back to her face it’s all good. But if she needs to come back to you then make sure to keep looking at her eyes.

2) Don’t try too hard to please your man.

Okay, this is a tricky one. Men like the fact that they’re in control of the situation. And yes, some will use the “little things” as an excuse to treat their partners badly. But what they’re doing is actually hurting their partner, as well as themselves. You should go to them and say, “I love you, and I’m very happy.”

Men like to have to do things around the house. Men are from the “I’ll do it myself” generation. So it’s hard for them to just say, “I can’t do this,” or “I need help with that.” So it’s hard for them to do it.

3) Tell him when you’re feeling something.

Yes, men do like to know what’s going on with you. But men like to wt for their partners to tell them. So if you are feeling something about your man, then don’t sit on it. Just say it. Or ask him. Just like women do. If you like your man, then tell him. If you don’t, then let him know.

4) Don’t be jealous.

Men like to do things by themselves. Even if they need a woman to do a task, they’ll do it themselves. If your partner is doing something for you, and then a woman is doing it for him, then that man will never appreciate that. The woman will do something that is pleasing to him, and he will be happy.

5) Listen to what he says.

Listen to what your man says, even when he’s being mean. Men will say a lot of things without thinking. They’re not going to think that they are being mean to you, or that you’re not a priority in their lives. So, listen. Listen to his tone of voice, and what he says.

There are a lot of other reasons to have a great relationship with your man, but we’ve tried to show you what the most important ones are. When you can listen to each other, and work with each other, you will never have any problems with your relationships.

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