How to apologize to a dog

How to apologize to a dog

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How to apologize to a dog when you’re the idiot who keeps trying to shove him into the street.

I can’t remember exactly when, but I’ve had the same dog for at least seven years. He’s a German Shepherd, named after some German guy’s name, I forget who. And he’s a beautiful dog. When I finally got him he was already a big, husky, beautiful dog, all of 15 pounds of solid, furry, wet, golden, brown, and black – that perfect combination of boy-dog. And I couldn’t love this dog any more than I already did.

I first got a German Shepherd from a friend of mine. He was my first dog, and I was a very green 15 year-old boy, and all of a sudden I had this big dog to take care of. I wasn’t afrd, I just thought the whole thing was awesome. I love dogs. I love their personalities. I love their wagging tls and their big heads and their big ears and their giant drooly doggy tongues, and the way they run around excitedly and chase each other and jump up into your arms and just love the world. I was a happy, slightly anxious dog owner, and I loved my dog.

So I’d give him to my parents when they came to visit.

The day my parents came over for dinner was when he decided to become a pn in the ass. I had invited my mom, dad, and sister over for dinner, and everything was going along smoothly. I was telling them about my new apartment, my car, my job, all the wonderful new things I had in my life. And as I was getting ready to serve dinner, I remember looking out the window and there was my German Shepherd, running around out in the front yard. I sd, “oh no.” But at the same time, I kind of wanted to laugh and say, “hey! Let’s go catch that dog!”

My dad, who is kind of crazy, sd, “why don’t we go get that dog? Let’s go outside!”

So I grab my jacket and my keys, and we go outside and the dog starts running toward us. It’s like a half-assed tl-wagging run and then stops. It stands there and wts for us, but as soon as we’re close enough, he tries to run away, and he’s wagging his tl, he’s bouncing in place, but he’s clearly not happy about anything. He’s doing what we call running away with a sad face.

And my dad says, “come on. We’re going to go after that dog.” And we start to run after the dog and then he just turns around and goes back to his yard, but then starts running toward us agn. He’s doing that happy-sad-happy-sad thing, and we’re running, and I thought it was so funny. I wanted to laugh and scream. I was completely in love with my life.

We chased him around the front yard for a while and I’m thinking, “this is amazing. I don’t know how many happy-sad-happy-sad dog faces we have. We don’t even have to be happy or sad, we just do this happy-sad-happy-sad thing and nothing changes!”

And then, I don’t know what happened. He suddenly turned, ran over to the fence, and just climbed over the fence.

And that was the last time we saw my German Shepherd, for a few months anyway.

We went back to the house. My dad was still laughing and we were all standing there.

“Now we’re going to call the pound,” he sd.

“He’s gone,” I sd.

“You don’t mean that,” my mom sd.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, he must have been in a bad mood,” my dad sd.

“He was not in a bad mood,” I sd. “He just left. I don’t know why, but I think he wanted to leave.”

“Because you scared him!” my dad sd.

“No, it’s just a feeling I have,” I sd. “I don’t think that’s what it was. I think it was more like, do we really want to keep him, do we want to keep him in that environment?”

“That would expln it,” my dad sd.

“I don’t know if that’s a good thing,” I sd.

I got my mom’s phone out and started calling all the pound. They sd he was a good German Shepherd, but he was a little too frisky.

We knew we were taking a chance, but we took the chance and brought him home.

At first we didn’t think he was going to work out. He would get excited. Then he would fall asleep.

But after awhile, we had decided he had something, and he had it in spades.

After three months of trning, he was a totally different dog. My mom took him for his first day of obedience, and he went through the test perfectly. He was trned, he wasn’t nervous, and he was relaxed.

It was the best possible scenario for getting him ready for a career as a police dog.

So it was decided. He would be a police dog.

My mom had started reading about police dogs at home, and she had gotten her own set of dog trning pads, and she would be able to practice on my dad when he went on duty.

The rest of the dog trning course was pretty basic.

He would get to meet a bunch of other police dogs, and he would learn about things that needed to be worked on for police dogs.

He would even get a chance to be called in for emergency situations.

And he would be an active police dog. He would do things like chase criminals and help stop crime.

And he would be a very good police dog. He didn’t have to worry. He knew his limits, and he knew how to trn.

At last we came to the end of the course. And we had the dog tests ready for him.

He was a very smart dog, and he could learn anything he had to, so we knew he would do well on these tests.

We were nervous, because we didn’t really know if he was ready for the next step. But he was ready, so we knew he was in good hands.

He took all the tests for the obedience part of the course. He had never done any tests before, but he did them very well, and he passed them all.

We were almost as happy as the time we brought him home, but we were a bit disappointed that he didn’t have the highest score on any of the tests, so that was disappointing.

But we had fth that he would be a very good police dog, and he showed us his first positive

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