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Traveling with the dog: that must be in your luggage

Traveling with the dog: that must be in your luggage

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If you want to take your dog on vacation, the appropriate luggage must not be missing. Here we have listed a few things that you should think about so that your four-legged friend feels completely comfortable.

1. Comfortable and safe when traveling: the transport box

If you travel by car or plane, you should get a suitable transport box in good time. It should be comfortable, well ventilated, practical, easy to clean and safe. Different models offer different extras and the right size for every dog ​​type.

2. Bowl and food for food on the go

Food and water naturally also belong in the luggage, just like the matching bowls from which your four-legged friend can eat and drink comfortably on the way. In the pet shop you will find many practical models that you can easily store and clean. These include, for example, collapsible plastic bowls or drinking bowls with a suitable water bottle for on the go.

3. Must not be missing in your luggage: your favorite toy

Traveling without your favorite toy? Of course that is not possible! On the way, your brave four-legged friend can finally use a little support and is happy about a nice game unit upon arrival.

4. First aid kit and first aid kit

In addition to the vaccination card and all important medication that your dog may need, a first aid kit in the luggage ensures a safe feeling. It contains not only bandages and disinfectants, but also practical aids such as tick pliers, a flea comb and a booklet with first aid tips.

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