Singing four-legged friend: Dog Walter belongs in the opera

Singing four-legged friend: Dog Walter belongs in the opera

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Dog Walter is a very special four-legged friend: he doesn't cry, no he sings - and how! Internet users can admire his singing talent in a YouTube video.

Walter comes from Austin, Texas. The little dog is really unique. Because when he cries, he sounds like an opera singer. That shows a YouTube clip.

In the video, Walter starts in the car. But its owner seems to be visibly embarrassed. But all warnings bounce off the French bulldog.

Walter keeps on singing and performing one aria after the next. This sweet little fur nose is just amazing! Incidentally, various users can also find this on the net. For example, in the comments below the YouTube video, a user said: "Aww, he's so cute. I've never heard a dog cry like this before."

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