10 tiny orphan puppies raised by hand

10 tiny orphan puppies raised by hand

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The miniature puppies in the video were very lucky in misfortune. The sweet sniffing noses lost their mom before they were big enough to get by without milk. Fortunately, at that point they were already under the wing of the "Doggie Protective Services" dog rescue initiative and could be saved. Unfortunately, one of the originally eleven dog siblings did not survive, but all the other ten have developed splendidly.

It is not that easy to raise young puppies by hand for a few weeks. After all, they need milk every four to six hours at night, need to be bathed every now and then and should always have it warm and safe. But the human foster parents of "Doggie Protective Services" have put all their experience, passion and love for the Puschelschnuten and they grew up to be healthy young dogs. In the end you can see how each of the ten orphaned pups finds a new home with a loving family. How nice that there is such a great happy ending to this sad story!

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