Teaching dog how to clean up: this is how the trick works

Teaching dog how to clean up: this is how the trick works

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With a little patience and regular training, you can playfully teach your dog how to clean up. Then he learns, for example, how to bring his own toy back into the box or can help you put dirty laundry in the laundry basket. Pretty practical, such an animal domestic help! Dogs who like to retrieve learn to tidy up particularly quickly - Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

Dogs like to learn new things, which challenges their dog intelligence in a positive way. For example, you can teach him to clean up; This takes a lot of patience and time, but is usually great fun for your four-legged friend.

Teach tidying up: requirements and material

To clean up, you need a box or basket and a toy or other item that your dog can easily retrieve. The favorite toy is not recommended, however, because your four-legged friend will be reluctant to drop it in the box. In addition, it is possible that he immediately connects the favorite toy with games and romping and can not concentrate so well on cleaning up. In addition, you need treats as a reward, particularly delicious delicacies as a "super reward" and, if necessary, a clicker.

The cleanup training works best in a relaxed, playful atmosphere in which you and your dog can concentrate well. Take your time every day and be patient. If your darling is too tired or unmotivated to do the exercises, you can postpone a lesson to the next day. It is important that it is fun and comfortable for the four-legged friend. It is optimal if your fur nose already masters the retrieval and is familiar with clicker training. This makes the learning process easier and you can teach it to clean up faster. Otherwise, it makes sense to practice retrieving first. You can find a few tips on this in the video below and in the guide below.

Teach the dog to retrieve: tips

Whether ball, plush toy or dog toy: when you teach your dog to retrieve, link ...

First steps: retrieve and drop

Tidying up can be divided into three steps: retrieving, dropping and hitting the basket. First place the box or basket on the floor in front of you and throw away the toys that the dog is supposed to clean up. Give your dog the command "Search" to find the item and "Bring" to bring it back. If you then confirm it with clicker or marker word and treat, it will normally drop the object.

Repeat the exercise, throw the toy away again and have the dog bring it back. In the beginning, reward him every time he drops the item as soon as he's with you. If he accidentally hits the basket or the box, praise him particularly effusively and reward him with a particularly tasty treat, such as liver sausage or meat sausage.

Practice marksmanship with the dog

When your four-legged friend has learned to retrieve the item and drop it in front of you, you can practice hitting the basket with him. First, he receives confirmation as soon as he touches the box, that is, even if the toy only brushes the edge. You will only reward him later if the object actually ends up in the basket.

If your sly fur nose masters this step, you can go even further and place the box next to it, not directly in front of you. In addition, you can now practice with other objects. This way you can teach your dog to put other things in a box, no matter where the box is. The bitch Cleo in the video does the trick with tidying up really well:

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