How to Build a Dog Shower

How to Build a Dog Shower

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Creating a dog shower for your canine companion can make giving her a full bath or just cleaning off her muddy paws easier. If you have a good location in your home, a free weekend and approximately $500 to spend on the project, you can make your own dog shower.

Building Your Dog Shower

Step 1

Choose a location. Before you begin building, locate an appropriate space for your finished dog shower. The ideal location would be an existing laundry room or bathroom with easy access to a connection to your waterlines. If you don’t have such an area available, another option is to place the shower in a location close to your outdoors, such as a garage or kitchen. Measure the space designated for the shower and purchase tile boards, the shower base and the wood boards based on those dimensions. Also, measure the distance from where you intend to locate the shower drain to the exit area for the water and purchase enough PVC pipe to make that connection.

Step 2

Build your shower base and sides. Because you do not want water to leak out from around the shower, the base needs to be covered in waterproof tile. Use a circular saw to cut the tile to fit your available space, if necessary. Cut down your 2-by-4s to make the base. Attach the tile board to the plywood then attach that to the plywood base using drywall screws. Next use a stud finder to locate and mark the studs in the walls around the location of the shower. You will use these spots for mounting the walls of the shower. Attach a 2-by-4 board in each corner with drywall screws. Then create the sides and back of the shower by cutting out the appropriate size pieces of tile board and plywood. Attach the tile board to the plywood then mount those pieces to the 2-by-4 with the tile board facing into the shower area. Then connect the shower base to the tile board.

Step 3

Add fixtures and water. Install your shower valve, faucet and spray handle to the side of the shower closest to your available water source, if one is available. Before you begin working with the plumbing, be sure to turn off your water and your water heater. If your location already has access to a plumbing vent, you can use your valves and piping to connect the shower’s faucet to the water source. You will want to add the drain to the bottom of the shower by cutting out an area in the tile board and inserting the drain. Then connect PVC pipe to the bottom of the drain and connect the rest of the pipe to an exit area for water drainage. You also can connect a garden hose through the piping so the water can drain into your backyard.

Items You Will Need

  • Tile board
  • Circular saw
  • 1/2 inch sheet of plywood
  • 6 2-by-4-inch boards
  • Shower base
  • PVC pipe
  • 2 1/2-inch check valves
  • Utility sink faucet
  • Spray handle
  • Garden hose
  • Bath and shower valve
  • Drywall screws
  • Stud finder
  • Marker
  • Drain


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