Which cat breeds are suitable for beginners

Which cat breeds are suitable for beginners

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Are you a beginner in keeping cats and want to give a velvet paw a home for the first time in your life? In this case, some cat breeds are more suitable for you than others. You can find out what they are here. Domestic cats are usually also great for beginners - Shutterstock / DavidTB

Beginners are advised against hybrid cat breeds such as the Savannah or the Bengal cat - the blood of their wild cousins ​​still flows through their veins and they require a lot of activity, space and special attention. Better breeds are cats, which are easy to care for both in nature and in keeping.

What do cat breeds need for beginners?

The differences between cat breeds are not as big as the differences between dog breeds. This is because the history of domestication in cats is still relatively young. For a long time, the house tigers were kept mainly as "farm animals", which were supposed to keep fields, workshops, pantries and farms free of mice, rats and other uninvited guests. Therefore, the fur noses have largely retained their independence even today.

Nevertheless, there have been more and more cat breeds since the last century, which are consciously bred as social animals for humans. They are particularly good-natured, easy-going and trusting, willingly enter into a loving relationship with their people and are not prone to aggression. These beginner tigers are wonderful for beginners in cat keeping. Breeds that are as robust as possible, with few hereditary diseases or breed-related complaints, are also optimal. Chronically ill or handicapped cats are even better off with experienced cat owners. Grooming should be uncomplicated for beginners in cat breeds - short-haired cats or breeds with medium-long fur are easier to care for than long-haired cats.

In order to find the ideal cat for you, you should ask yourself the following questions in advance:
● Do you want a pure house cat or a free litter?
● Should it really only be a cat or two?
● How much space can you offer the cat?
● How much time can you spend with the cat each day?
● Do you want a cozy sofa lion or a playful cheeky cheek?

Be prepared for shelter staff, reputable cat breeders, and individuals who care about their cats' wellbeing to ask a lot. Don't let that unsettle you; the main thing is to find the right kitty for you. The cat breeds mentioned here serve primarily as examples and suggestions.

Domestic cats for beginners in all variations

The classic among the cat breeds is the European Shorthair or, in other words, the domestic cat. They come in all possible fur colors and patterns as well as different personalities. Finding breeders who specialize in European Shorthair Cats (EKH) is difficult. In return, the animal shelters and cat protection associations are often full of domestic cats that long for a loving home. The best thing to do when starting your search for a velvet-pawed companion is to move towards animal welfare.

There you can tell the employees what living conditions you can offer your future purring roommate and what you want in terms of their nature and temperament. Don't be afraid to adopt an older cat if you're a beginner. Adult fur noses and seniors are already firm in character and calmer than kittens.

Avoiding beginner mistakes in keeping cats: 6 tips

No cat owner is perfect from the start - taking care of an animal means constant learning ...

Maine Coon cat: Large and good-natured

Would you like to buy a pedigree cat that is ideal for beginners? Then the Maine Coon might be something for you. Make sure that you only get pedigree cats from reputable breeders or from animal welfare - never from black breeders or other shady characters that you are not comfortable with. In our guide "Buy pedigree cat: identify dubious breeders" you can read which warning signs indicate fraudsters or unscrupulous multipliers.

For the Maine Coon, however, you need a lot of space and have to buy all equipment for cats in XXL - the fluffy velvet paws are among the largest cat breeds in the world and can be really huge. They also feel most comfortable with a companion - so plan enough space for two cats. Secure outdoor access in the garden or a large cat enclosure with viewing platforms and climbing opportunities make the Maine Coon particularly happy. However, if your home is rather small or you want to keep your cat as a walker, a Maine Coon is not necessarily the right choice for you. This forest cat breed, which originally comes from the north of the USA, has semi-long fur that you should brush through regularly so that it does not become matted. But as a rule, she doesn't need more care.

The Ragdoll cat: lovely and patient

The Ragdoll cat is playful, curious and, above all, incredibly gentle. It is almost too nice for this world, which is why it should not be given unsecured clearance - strangers and thieves could simply lift it up and take it with them. Ragdoll cats also grow quite large and don't like to be alone. Like the Maine Coon, it needs a lot of space and a playmate at its side. Her half-length fur also needs regular spa treatments with a brush, but she likes to put up with her friendly, patient manner.

BKH cats: Quiet and easy to care for

The BKH cat, the British Shorthair, is also gentle, but with a short coat. It doesn't get quite as big as Maine Coon or Ragdoll and has a moderate urge to move. But the clever British loves it when you come up with intelligence games for her and deal with her a lot. From time to time, however, she also needs time for herself and then likes to retire to a quiet place. You can keep the BKH well as a house cat, but in this case, like most cats, it is happy about a conspecific.


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