Fashionable Collars for Dogs

Fashionable Collars for Dogs

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Dog collars are no longer just for carrying identification or fastening a leash to. They come in many styles, colors and patterns, often revealing the passions of a pet's human companion. Choose a collar that is designed for comfort, durability and safety, and have fun picking out fashionable styles for your pet.

Design Choices

A properly fitting collar sits snugly around your dog's neck and leaves room for you to comfortably place two fingers under the collar. Wide collars are designed for long-necked dogs; narrow, lightweight collars are suitable for toy and miniature breeds. Choose quality materials and inspect any stitches for breaks. Check the inside of the collar for comfort. Machine washable collars are handy if your pet swims or is active outdoors.

Dog Collar Safety

When collars catch on fences, crates or brush limbs, injuries or strangulation may result. Safety collars are designed for pets that are left unattended. Some collars are elasticized to easily stretch over dog's necks. Break-away collars are designed to separate with pressure, allowing your dog to escape injury.

Diva Dog Collars

Bring on the bling. Dog collars decorated with jewels, beads, rhinestones and charms are available in every color and style you can imagine. If money is not an issue, you can purchase a collar covered in Swarovski crystals, complete with a sterling silver identification tag. If bling is your thing, your pup can be styling in the latest jeweled fashions.

Just for Guys

Stylish collars designed for male dogs are available made from leather, nylon, hemp or faux leather. Studs and spikes give some collars a tough-guy look. Bow-tie collars are perfect for formal occasions and holidays. Find them in basic black or colors, stripes, plaids and polka dots. Your handsome pet will strut his stuff in masculine colors and designs. A trend is to dress your female dog in the Bruiser package.

Specialty Collars

Elizabethan collars are cone shaped, designed to prevent pets from licking injuries and surgical sites. Stylish Elizabethan collars are now available in many colors and patterns. Neck warming collars have removable neck guards to help protect your pet from cold drafts. Cooling collars are made from decorative fabric and have gel fillers. After soaking the collars in cold water, they'll stay cool on your pet's neck for several hours.

Dressing for the Occasion

Fashionable dog collars are found to fit any occasion, daytime or evening, formal or informal. Flip-flops or dolphins decorate collars for the beach. Fabric flowers, hearts or plaids can complete a country look. LED lights or reflective collars are great for nighttime walks. Whatever your preferences, you can find fabulous dog collars to suit your lifestyle.


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