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Ragdoll tomcat Timo tries to catch balloon

Ragdoll tomcat Timo tries to catch balloon

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Ragdoll tomcat Timo prefers to relax in his hammock or on the sofa - but the fluffy cat likes to play just as much. Whether with the koi carp in the garden pond, with balls or - as in the video - with balloons. The fur is not averse to fun.

The balloon hovers indifferently on the ceiling and dangles its string. Ragdoll tomcat Timo seems to take this as a provocation, because he tries to catch the cord and pull the balloon down. It's not that easy, however, because the cheeky thing always hovers up as soon as Timo lets go.

But if the balloon does not want to come to the cat, the cat has to go to the balloon - Timo finally climbs on the shelf and can play with the cord from there to his heart's content. Then he seems to be bored and miss the challenge. So he jumps off the shelf again and the game starts again.

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