Natural Dog Urine Enzyme Neutralizers

Natural Dog Urine Enzyme Neutralizers

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Your pooch may urinate in the same spot on the carpet unless you can remove, or neutralize, the odor-causing proteins and uric acid crystals left behind, even after normal cleaning. Treating these stains with natural enzymes can help break down proteins and neutralize lingering urine smells once and for all.

How to Use

After first soaking up as much of the urine as possible, dilute the remaining stain by rinsing it with water, then blotting dry. Apply a natural enzyme-digesting product to the stained area of the carpet to tackle the stubborn odors that dog urine -- damp or dry -- leaves behind. You can purchase an enzyme-based cleaner or even make one yourself from natural items you have at home, like citrus fruit pulp and peels, brown sugar and water. After treating the soiled spot, blot and give time to dry. Repeat as needed for stubborn stains.


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