Playing behavior of the cat: consider different styles

Playing behavior of the cat: consider different styles

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Different cats, different playing habits. If you romp around with your velvet paw, you will find that she likes some games more than others. This can depend on the form of the day and mood, but also on a certain basic game type that is created in the character. Learn more about the different styles in cat play here. "Yeah, what do we have here ?! I'm chasing !!!", this cat thinks and starts the game - Shutterstock / Elya Vatel

Like humans, cats play differently one day than the next. Nevertheless, there are always certain styles in the cat's playing behavior that reveal more about the preferences of the velvet paw. It is important that you take into account the preferences of your kitty so that she can have a lot of fun playing.

Cats play with their senses

The cat senses come fully into play. Elements of the hunt almost always appear, because our house tigers love to use their unique skills to satisfy their play instinct. People sneak, jump, snap their paws at lightning speed, climb, take refuge, lurk and attack. Games are ideal that challenge and promote the cat's mental and physical abilities. Take a close look at what your cat likes and dislikes and gradually find out which games are best for them.

Basic types: soil type or air type?

Many experts differentiate between the floor types and the air type in the different play styles of cats, ie between sofa lions who prefer to play on the floor or cats who like to "work up" and, for example, mainly attack objects in the air. Younger cats in particular are often interested in air games - cat seniors prefer to stay on the ground because it often prevents age and the associated restrictions such as joint problems from jumping into the air.

Soil type: hide, search, lurk, run

Cats can do countless different things on the floor. Everything is possible, from playing with a soft toy to hunting balls to playing paws on a fiddle board. Many furriers love it when you as a keeper simulate a hunt in which you can call up your natural instincts. Cats love to hide and ambush prey and then suddenly attack them. For such a scenario, you can move a toy such as a woolen mouse as if it had a life of its own. If your kitty gets curious, she can chase it afterwards.

Tip: Always include furniture and objects such as the scratching post in the game - different locations make the game more interesting.

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Air type: jumping, climbing, flying

Cats Can't Fly? Well, sometimes it looks very different. If your velvet paw is an air type, move the cat game vertically. For example, you can wave a toy rod with a soft toy attached to it over your animal play partner and then let them hunt or jump. Your cat may also have a lot of fun simply chasing something out of your hand. Let your imagination run wild. In the video you can see a cute minimiez playing with a pompom:

Bring toys to life

It is always exciting when toys come to life. Cat toys are far less interesting if they are just lying around in one place. If you leave the house in the morning, simply position the toys in other places in the apartment - your cat will certainly like this. During the game it is also interesting if the cat toy moves. Simulate a prey and let the toy wander around or throw it around so that your fluffy hunter can run after you. In the video you can see a creative game idea, in which a simple box with holes "comes alive":

Tip: Always make sure that you offer your cat toys and play options that are suitable for solo play. Your cat must be able to indulge in the game alone. After all, you can't always play when your cat feels like it.

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