Beagle Louie meets his little "sister" Marie

Beagle Louie meets his little "sister" Marie

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Beagles were originally bred for hunting in the pack and are not fond of being alone as domestic dogs. Dear Beagle Louie is therefore delighted when he notices that his favorite people have brought him a little playmate: the little Beagle girl Marie, tender eight weeks young in the video.

It seems to spark immediately between Marie and her big beagle buddy Louie. The two dogs romp through the garden, play together and sniff each other extensively. There is no doubt that the owners have given their dog immense pleasure with the new four-legged family member. And Marie also seems to feel comfortable in her new home right away - which is certainly due in large part to the cheerful and warm welcome of her new big "brother" Louie. Too cute, the two of them!

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The Beagle is a small, robust and compact dog that was originally used for hunting in the pack ...


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