Why do cats plead and what happens?

Why do cats plead and what happens?

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When pleading, your cat suddenly takes on a somewhat remote expression. She opens her mouth, bulges her tongue, wrinkles her nose and sticks her head back. It looks like she's laughing, but the truth is, she just noticed a very exciting scent. If cats plead, they can absorb fragrances better - Shutterstock / Klemen Misic

By pleading, cats can perceive smells even more differentiated and intensively, which is particularly important for pheromones of their peers. In this way, the animals can see whether a cat with a cat has passed by or who is claiming the area.

Pleading: smell and taste at the same time

The supplication links your cat's sense of smell and taste, so to speak. At the level of the incisors there is the so-called Jacobson organ on the cat's palate, which is also called the ereronasal organ. It filters out additional information from the smells. When cats plead, they raise their heads a little, pull up their upper lips and suck in jerky air that mixes with saliva in the mouth. The cat's tongue vibrates and presses the mixture towards the Jacobson organ, which recognizes the odorous substances that the cat's nose alone cannot perceive.

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Sniffing pheromones through pleading

In times of heat and when cats roam their territory, they leave scent marks everywhere. These fragrance brands contain so-called pheromones, messenger substances that only cats can "read" by pleading. This property is of great importance for mating behavior, territory behavior and social behavior for the velvet paws. This is the only way that cats can recognize cat ladies who are ready to mate, cats in this way know who enjoys the privilege in their environment and can thus better avoid possible conflicts.

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