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Bad breath in dogs: causes of bad breath

Bad breath in dogs: causes of bad breath

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Your dog may also not always smell pleasantly out of the mouth. The causes of bad breath in the four-legged friends can be varied, only rarely is bad breath connected with bad illnesses. Nevertheless, you shouldn't ignore persistent or common bad breath. Dental problems are one of the causes of bad breath in dogs - Shutterstock / nbiebach

Bad breath in four-legged friends is usually caused by their diet or illness. Often it is just a temporary bad breath, for example if your dog ate carrion, waste or a horse apple while walking. However, if the bad smell just doesn't want to go away, you can find out the cause with the help of your veterinarian.

Improper diet can lead to bad breath

Bad-smelling dog breath is often due to improper or inferior nutrition and resulting digestive problems such as gas formation in the stomach. Too much canned food or too much human food can cause indigestion. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian about whether the dog food you give your loved one is right for him. In general, do not skimp on the diet of your cold pacifier.

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Various diseases can affect breath

A common cause of bad breath in dogs is inflammation and diseases of the mouth, including bacterial diseases such as gum infections or eczema in the mouth. Bacterial accumulations on teeth and gums or in minor injuries in the mouth (such as on the lips) then cause the unpleasant smell.

Causes that relate to the internal organs are far worse. Diseases of the liver, heart or kidney and metabolic disorders can cause bad breath. Tumors are also a conceivable cause. If your dog suffers from bad breath for an extended period of time, you should therefore consult a veterinarian. They can determine whether an illness is causing bad breath and then draw up a treatment plan.

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