Dog test: possible procedure and costs

Dog test: possible procedure and costs

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The dog being test is used to test the properties of dogs. These tests have long been carried out in breeding and for working dogs. In recent years, however, their importance for the evaluation of dogs that are classified as "dangerous" has increased. But how does the test work and how much does it cost? The dog behavior test takes a close look at the behavior of the dog - Image: Shutterstock / Rohappy

There is no uniform regulation across Germany as to whether a dog belongs to a breed that is classified as "dangerous". Each state determines the breeds for which certain regulations apply. Dogs of these potentially dangerous breeds, also known as list dogs, may only be kept under certain conditions - for example, wearing a muzzle may be compulsory for them. However, a positive essence test can exempt the animals from these special requirements. The course of the nature test can vary somewhat from country to country as well as from expert to expert.

Before the essence test for dogs

Before an essence test can be carried out with your dog, you must first register it for it. This can be done, for example, directly at the veterinary office in your place of residence or via a veterinarian, breeder or dog trainer. In some countries, proof of expertise for dog owners is a prerequisite for registering your dog for the essence test. This certifies that you have the necessary expertise to keep certain dog breeds. You can obtain information on this from the respective city administration.

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Possible course of a dog being test

In the essence test, the behavior of the dog can be tested both in the group with other dogs and their owners, as well as alone. It is observed how he behaves towards people and other dogs. For this purpose, various situations are simulated that should reveal any aggressive behavior that may be present in the dog. In addition to different situations, a dog being test also tests different environments in order to see how a dog behaves with changing noise levels and stimuli.

The expert present at the test meanwhile evaluates the behavior of the dog. If he classifies it as normal, the test is passed and you will receive a document confirming this. The cost of such a dog being test is around 50 to 200 euros.

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